Zitronenstrasse is a mapping project to collect and share romantic spots in Berlin.

Bars, cafes, restaurants, bistros, parks and some little hidden places around the city.

The Project

Berlin is a wonderful city. So vivid, multicultural, full of history and with so many secret spots.

However, sometimes finding the right place for the right mood is so hard, even harder when you are looking for a romantic place. It has to be nice, but not uptight; it needs good music, but not too loud; cool drinks and a good menu, but nothing too classy; with fancy people, but not too crowded.

So here you can find a small selection of romantic spots: some of them are perfect for a brunch or a coffee, some other are for the evening with drinks and music. You can also find bars or outdoors places where drinking a beer while waiting for the sunset.

Hopefully you will find here your romantic place.

The Name

Why Zitronenstrasse? It’s just a name of a street? It’s real one? What does it mean?

Well, here is the story.

Zitronenstrasse is an inside joke between two languages, German and Italian.

Italians know well what a limone (literally: lemon) is: it's a slang word for making out (limonare).

Being in Germany we thought about The street of lemons in the local language: Zitronen-strasse, the romantic street for (hopefully) making out.

The Author

I'm Valerio Sillari. I'm working as Senior Frontend Developer and in the last years I've fallen in love with Berlin.

So I decided to create this website to collect all the nice romantic places I've found and play with new frontend languages.

I hope you like it, either you are a romantic person or a romantic coder.